Gas Turbine Generators

Molding The Power


About us

In2rbo developed advanced turbine design
and breakthrough materials technology to deliver
the industry leading performance in high efficiency, low emissions, and competitive cost for distributed power generation.

In2rbo  serves a wide range of markets:

  • Applications from backup to standby, peak and prime generation;

  • Power ranging from 160KW to 1.2MW for single units

       and 1,2MW to 10MW

       for stacked installations.

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Medium power commercial applications:
hotels, office buildings, shopping centers,
oil and gas exploration.

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High Power, industrial applications: data centers,
plants, factories, oil and gas extraction.



November 21, 2018

Vireo Energy AB, a leading supplier of landfill gas electrical generation solutions in CIS countries and In2rbo GmbH, a developer and manufacturer of gas microturbines, have agreed to collaborate to test and install the most cost efficient, environmentally friendly, and reliable generation system for converting landfill gas into electrical power. In2rbo GmbH will supply 1.2MW gas microturbines for testing at Vireo Energy landfill gas recovery facility in Q4 2019 and will expand the fleet to multiple genset units and sites in 2020. 

October 24, 2018

In2rbo Inc., a developer and manufacturer of gas microturbines, has established a Swiss subsidiary in Baden, Aargau canton. In2rbo GmbH will start manufacturing of 160KW and 1.2MW microturbine generators in mid-2019. The canton of Aargau and in particular, the city of Baden, is a hub for electrical power research, development and manufacturing with established cluster of companies ranging from well-known multinationals to specialty suppliers. Skilled workforce with the expertise in electrical power technology and the support from cantonal government were important factors in establishing In2rbo GmbH in Aargau.